Motivating Learners with Nick Michelioudakis @ The Study Rooms!

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10 January 2019
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Motivating Learners with Nick Michelioudakis @ The Study Rooms!

How can we motivate learners? The easiest way is to select material which is inherently motivating. Advertisements, Games and Jokes certainly fall into this category. In this workshop we will be looking at easy and practical activities for how you can use them with your students in class tomorrow.

Advertisements are short, interesting and can easily be found on YouTube. Many are language-rich, but even silent ones can be put to good use in class.

Games are fun by design. Basic game types can be used for almost anything – from numbers, to vocabulary to improving verbal fluency.

Jokes are pure language and they are hugely motivational. They can be used for listening practice, as mingling activities or for reading comprehension. 

The great thing about Ads, Games and Jokes is that students can contribute the ones they like too. Personal investment is the holy grail of motivation – so don’t forget to bring your own favourites if you would like to share them!

Presenter: Nick Michelioudakis

Duration: 3 hours
Register for this workshop until 8 February 2019

Cost: € 35

Included in the fee:
• Participation in the workshop
• Certificate of Attendance
• Coffee Break

For questions and to reserve a place visit or contact The Study Rooms 210-7717000.