Marina Sgourou @ The Study Rooms!

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17 February 2020
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3 March 2020
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Marina Sgourou @ The Study Rooms!

Process art workshop: ‘’Beautiful oops’’

This workshop will have two parts in which we will explore the concepts and possible limitations of process art and then we will create art using interesting and unusual materials!

  • What is product art?
  • What is process art?
  • What are the factors that kill curiosity and what can we do in our classrooms in order to cultivate it and bring more joy to us and the children we care for.
  • What are the benefits of process art and how can we implement it in our classrooms with no fear and without spending any money?
  • At the end we will look into books suggestions that will inspire you and guide your journey towards process art.

General Information                                                                                                                                             

Presenter: Marina Sgourou

Cost: 35 euros

Included in the fee:

• Participation in the workshop
• Certificate of Attendance
• Coffee Break

For questions and/or to reserve a place, visit DES website: or contact Study Rooms: +30 210 7717000.