Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties in ELT

Ο Άγγελος Πατσιάς σε ένα τρίωρο workshop έκπληξη!
4 Νοεμβρίου 2017
Support & Intervention Exercises for students with Dyslexia
8 Νοεμβρίου 2017
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Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties in ELT

It is an introduction workshop on Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties designed for foreign language professionals in Greece – teachers at public and foreign language schools, private lessons teachers, directors of studies, school owners.

The three-hour workshop will focus on three main spheres:

– What is dyslexia and LD and signs which can make an EL teacher suspicious. “Realia” examples will be used and participants will work on them in groups and will have the chance to refer to personal experiences and examples, which will be analysed

– strategies to be followed in order to have a correct evaluation of the student and practices which will lead to effective assistance

– solutions and intervention exercises which will strengthen students’ “weaker” skills and build up their self-confidence

General Information

Duration: 3 hours
Register for this workshop until 6 November 2017

Cost: 35€

Included in the fee:
• Participation in the workshop
• Certificate of Attendance
• Coffee Break

For questions and to reserve a place visit www.des.org.gr or contact The Study Rooms 210-7717000.