Dimitris Kouniakis @ The Study Rooms!

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28 October 2018
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16 November 2018
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Dimitris Kouniakis @ The Study Rooms!

Gamification in Curriculum Design

Sunday, 11 November 2018, 10:00-13:00, The Study Rooms, Athens

The uses a modular, interactive approach to introduce practical elements of gamification. The attendees get to employ the 4Cs of education in a mock curriculum that employs gamification to raise the fun quotient of learning. There is a fully interactive, iterative approach to both gamification and curriculum design with group work and role playing that highlights justification of choices made at root education level by curriculum designers.

General Information

Duration: 3 hours
Register for this workshop until 5 November 2018

Cost: € 35

Included in the fee:
• Participation in the workshop
• Certificate of Attendance
• Coffee Break

For questions and to reserve a place visit www.des.org.gr or contact The Study Rooms 210-7717000.