The architecture
of the place


The Study Rooms is located in a place easily accessible, efficient to cover every need and bring us together. The Study Rooms is constantly growing and developing, drawing inspiration from its clients and planning new courses and services as well as introducing new rooms to accommodate them.

The Rooms

  • The Reception

    The first point of contact. Prompt and warm welcome, it shows you the way to a new unique educational experience.
  • The Office

    The meeting point, designed to make you feel at home. Here we discuss and plan together the scheme for your own personal or professional development.
  • The Living Room

    The room where people can meet each other, brainstorm, search and relax.
  • The Library

    Open, updated and accessible to everyone.
  • The Coffee Room

    For a coffee or a snack, for you and everyone.
  • The Gallery

    The room for large groups, great ideas, interaction and cooperation.
  • The East Room

    The room for studying, individual work, small groups.
  • The IT Room

    Technology lives here and opens for you a window to the world.